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Meaning of the symbol
The SJJ (the Polish acronym of Standard Jakości i Jednorodności) Standard namely our Standard of Quality and Homogeneity crowns several years’ attempts to increase a broadly understood value of our products.

“We have combined knowing-how, experience and efforts of many people to create criteria for bitumen assessment to make our roads safer, more durable and cheaper in operation and maintenance. Practical use of bitumen meeting the requirements of the SJJ standard by road contractors also means savings and make work easier both during laboratory works as well as in road construction.”
The President of the ORLEN Asfalt sp. z. o.o.
Each car moving along a road touches it on a surface which can be compared with a system of four hands of an adult.

The sign of the SJJ Standard consists of three elements: the logo, logotype and description. The logo – couching in other words – the graphical emblem is expressed in a form of two arcs with the upper one symbolizing a car tyre and the lower one denoting a bituminous surfacing as elements of the safety guarantee, driving comfort and streamlining. The description is supposed to decode its message into words. The entire composition is cohesively connected to produce a common principle of attention to quality and homogeneity of a road.


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