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Modified road bitumens
Installation for bitumen modification in Płock

Starting works of a new installation for road bitumen modification began in July of 2006 on the ORLEN Asfalt company’s premises in Płock. It was the first of that type investment on the Płock industrial complex grounds. Built in 2004-2006, today it’s one of the biggest of that kind in Europe.

Its lay-out has a classical arrangement: basic bitumen tanks, polymer shearing mill, ripening tanks and finished product tanks.

The installation is marked by the following parameters:
  • high quantitative flexibility of output reaching 600 tonnes of ready polymer-bitumen per day,
  • ability to manufacture several types of polymer-bitumen thanks to stock of high volume tanks for finished products,
  • an automated production control supervised by the DSC computer - aided system.

Polymer-bitumen manufacturing consists in a proper polymer introduction into hot bitumen, grinding both of them in a high power shearing mill, and final dissolution and homogenization. Effectiveness of individual stages of production is checked after adopted procedures in accordance with the implemented by the company system grounded on ISO 9001.

The ORLEN Asfalt bitumens of the product series under the ORBITON trade name have been manufactured in accordance with the appropriate IBDiM Technical Approval or the PN-EN 14023 standard.

Other custom-made (modified to order) mixtures may also be manufactured.

Process engineering has been worked out and now it is under surveillance of our Technology, Research and Development Department. Its staff has also been drawing up new products’ recipes.

Installation for bitumen modification in Trzebinia

The installation for bitumen modification in Trzebinia is one of the oldest structures of that type in Poland. For the first time elastomer-bitumens production under the name Elastofalt RT started in 1994 at the Trzebinia Refinery. There was restart in 2003 after the break 2001-2002, already as a part of the ORLEN Asfalt company.

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