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Development of production
There is the Technical Department operating within the structure of Production Department and responsible for undertaking research and development projects. Here are results of their efforts:
  • start-up of ORBITON polymer modified bitumens production in 2003 on a hired installation in Warsaw, on the company’s own one in Trzebinia, and on a new one in Płock in 2006;
  • working out the process engineering of multi-type bitumens sold under the BITREX trade-mark, and its practical application;
  • series of technological alterations in on-going manufacturing processes.

The ORLEN Asfalt took a gold medal on the International Exhibition of Inventions IWIS 2007 for the BITREX process engineering of multi-type road bitumens. Three types of them, namely BITREX 20/30, BITREX 35/50 and BITREX 50/70 are now on offer. Each of them has a different intended use on a road being dedicated to a different pavement layer.

The company has been engaged in a series of research on technology and application of manufactured bitumens. We have been cooperating in this field with many scientific and research centres.


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