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Factory Production Control (FPC)
Since 2006, the manufacturing facilities in Płock and Trzebinia have held Factory Production Control certificates for ORBITON polymer modified bitumens and BITREX multigrade road bitumens.
The certificates are part of the conformity assessment 2+ system.

The FPC system, primarily based on ISO 9001 standard, is a system for the complete control of preparation, production and release for sale of building products, such as bitumens. Each production site is audited on a yearly basis by an external auditors and certificates are extended accordingly.

The properties of the finished products are under the supervision of an independent, accredited laboratory in accordance with PN-EN ISO 17025.

Certyficates FPC - Production Plock

Certificate_EN 12591_Paving grade bitumens.pdfCertificate FPC Plock - Paving grade bitumens
Certificate_EN 12591_Paving grade bitumens.pdf​​Certificate FPC Plock - Polymer Modified Bitumens

Certyficates FPC - Production Trzebinia

Certificate_EN 12591_Paving grade bitumens.pdfCertificate FPC Trzebinia - Paving grade bitumens

Certificate_EN 14023_Polymer_modified_ bitumens.pdfCertificate FPC Trzebinia - Polymer Modified Bitumens​

Certyfikat ZKP - BITREX 35_50, 50_70 - Trzebinia - 10_2011.pdfCertificate FPC Trzebinia - multigrade bitumens BITREX   ​


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