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Paving Grade Bitumen 70/100

1.Description of the product 

Paving grade bitumen 70/100 can be used to a limited extent for asphalt concrete (AC) and stone mastic asphalt (SMA) in wearing courses on roads designed for light traffic, on the assumption that the mix resistance to rutting is confirmed.


Reference standard: EN 12591:2009

Property Unit Test Method Requirement
Penetration at 25°C 0.1 mm EN 1426 70-100
Softening point​ °C EN 1427 43-51​
​Resistance to hardening at 163°C
EN 12607-1 (RTFOT method) -
Retained penetration​
​EN 12607-1​ (RTFOT method) ≥ 46
Increase in Softening point
EN 12607-1​ (RTFOT method)
≤ 9
Change of mass* (absolute value)
% ​EN 12607-1​ (RTFOT method) ≤ 0.8
Flash point °C
EN ISO 2592 ≥ 230​
% (m/m)
EN 12592
≥ 99.0
* Change of mass may be a positive or negative value


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