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Quality Policy
Quality Policy  of the Integrated Quality,
Environment and Health and Safety Management System 

Being aware of the impact of ORLEN Asfalt’s operations on the natural environment and impact of the work environment on the health and safety of every employee of the Company, we declare systematic and consistent adjustment of the planning methods and accomplishment of processes to the performance of activities aimed at fulfilment of needs, expectations and requirements of customers, environmental protection as well as satisfaction of employees and improvement of the health and safety conditions of their work. 

These aims are to be achieved by the Company’s strategy translated into current and future programmes of development and other activities accomplished on the basis of the Integrated Management System in compliance with norms PN-EN ISO 9001, PN-EN ISO 14001 and PN-N 18001/OHSAS 18001.

To achieve our major objectives, acting within the scope of the policy, procedures and principles of PKN ORLEN Capital Group, we undertake to:

  1. Achieve full compliance with applicable legal provisions in respect to quality of products, environmental protection and health and ​​safety;
  2. Provide access for all persons concerned, in particular the Company’s employees, to the information on the Company’s impact on natural environment and status of health and safety of work, as well as activities undertaken in these fields and achieved results;
  3. Examine systematically the market, its needs and requirements;
  4. Improve on ongoing basis the efficiency of the Integrated Management System including the Quality Management System, Environment Management System and Health and Safety Management System;
  5. Improve on ongoing basis the thread identification methods, prevent work accidents and monitor the volume of waste produced and undertake preventing measures to guarantee the high level of protection of the Company’s employees and the environment;
  6. Improve employee qualifications and awareness, promote attitudes that increase their engagement in activities aimed at improvement of quality, environment and conditions of work;
  7. Implement ergonomic solutions reducing arduousness at positions of work.

The Quality, Environment and Work and Safety Policy is known to and accomplished by our employees, customers and suppliers.


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